1. Right to the sign in have everybody, who have website, which does not broken law and generally accepted accounting principles. Websites can not have pornography!

2. One person may have one account.

3. Banners pages with pornographic content and under construction will not be accepted.

4. Banners must be displayed properly, and when you click in, correctly move the user to the site.

5. Advertised parties must include substantive content.

6. After signing up, you agree to inserting on your website HTML page system.

7. Ratio is 1:1 system, this means that for 1 banner displayed on our site, we get 1 impression on other sites.

8. At the start, a gift from the system mBaner.pl get 1000 points for free!

9. You can add 10 of your banners in our system, subject to paragraph 10.

10. For every advertised website must be unique code, generated by the system for each user.

11. On each side in addition to the advertised system code (displaying banners) must be a link to the site mBaner.pl anywhere on the page.

12. System administrators or authors are not responsible for the content of advertisements users.

13. Pages breaking frame and blogs will be removed from the system.

14. The fraud attempts you will be punished by removal from the system.

15. Creating artificial referrals in order to gain additional points will be punished by removal from the system.

16. By registering in the system agree to receive e-mails about new products and promotions in the mBaner.pl.

17. Administrators reserve the right to remove a user from the system for any reason.

18. Users who have not activated your account within 72 hours of registration will be deleted.

19. We reserve the right to change the rules.

Last update rules: 04.05.2009